Agriculture & Food


Agribusiness is the most potential sector to drive Thailand economic growth in 2020s

Agribusiness (Agriculture & food) industry is the oldest industry in Thailand employing about 30% of the country’s labor force.


However, the economic growth is slow seeing from GDP contribution keeps declining (only 8-10% of total GDP).

The key issues that this industry is facing are


1) Low productivity of production,
2) Rising labor cost,
3) Price fluctuation among low added value products (raw crops or primary processed food).

To drive Thailand’s sustainable growth, we need to boost up Thailand strength, agriculture & food industry, by following solutions


1) Penetrate more technology to increase production productivity,
2) Add value to products i.e. differentiate products or create better customer journey
3) Enter high-value market (i.e. collagen, drug ingredients) by adding innovation and collaboration to other domestic & international players

LiB Consulting with international expertise could provide supports from strategy to implementation, i.e. the best practice of operation improvement, the new business formation based on multi-industry and international benchmarks.

How to grow sustainably

Lean by Cost controlling programme

To continue business under stagnated economy and prepare to create next growth, it is essential to keep cost under control to maintain profitability and competitiveness in a rapidly changing environment.


LiB Consulting has the expertise to diagnose cost structure, plan and implement cost reduction without negative impact to revenue. We can cut off unnecessary indirect cost, design lean manufacturing workflow, and optimize labor cost in order to increase profitability and create sustainable growth.

Expand market by Sales & marketing strategy

To create revenue growth among intense competition in the market, the sales & marketing operations need updated strategy to challenge changing customer behaviors and competitors’ movement.


LiB Consulting has the expertise on both B2B & B2C sales and marketing strategy, which proved by several track records (click to see track records). We are not only providing strategy and action plans, but also using our expertise on ‘Change management’ to ensure the implementation and results.

Create next growth by New S-curve strategy

The coming trends of ageing society and slow population growth would limit some business growth. In addition, the entrants from domestic and international companies also accelerate the competition in the market.


New S-curve strategy is critical for players in the market at the mature to declining phase. LiB consulting with multi-industry and international expertise could provide the big picture and future scenario of the industry, and apply several international benchmarks & success cases to get more potential options for new business.

Case Study

Industry Insight

Agricultural industry insight

How private sector can facilitate agricultural sector growth?

Private sector guidelines of how to facilitate farmers in order to generate sustainable growth of the Thai agricultural sector

Showing international benchmarks of agribusiness players – how corporates/private sectors could help solve grower’s issues to create sustainable growth of the agricultural sector

Seminar – Para Rubber

Future of the industry and adaptation guideline from Thai farmers


This forum helps the audiences understand how the para rubber industry will change and how we farmers need to change their farming and how the industry needs to adapt their product in order to survive and thrive.

Seminar – Agricultural Value Chain

How to increase value from upstream to downstream?


This forum deeply analyzed how each step of the value chain operates and how we can add value and increase productivity in each step.

Seminar – Agriculture Technology

Possibility of adaptation for Thai agriculture


This forum analyzed and clarified which technology and farming methods should be adapted to the Thai agricultural industry in order to increase productivity and decrease cost.

The forum covers a wide range of new agricultural technology, from modern machinery to new farming methods and innovation.

Seminar – Good Practices

Good practices and management of the agricultural sector


Good practices and management of the agricultural sector

This forum provides knowledge and gives a new perspective on soil management, organic farming, and GAP farming.

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