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Operation Excellence (OpX)

Agile Operational excellence (Agile OpX) is an established management methodology that merges the principles of agility and operational excellence to optimize performance. This enables the ability to respond rapidly and continuously to adapting corporate objectives and market dynamics to aim for the best output.

Our hands-on approach ensures the delivery of actual results and value-added deliverables for your business impacts. The service integrates diagnosis, cost reduction, process improvement, and supply chain management to achieve optimal results.

  1. Achieves a higher cost reduction of 500% compared to existing initiatives.*
  2. Delivers hands-on results, not just recommendations.
  3. Adopts an agile approach for quick results and flexible problem-solving.
  4. Leverages local and international perspectives from specialist consultants.
  5. Incorporates expertise from a global network of subject matter experts.

*Based on LiB Consulting’s database on Thai companies

Hands-on result

Loveridge local &
international perspective

Expertise from
a global network

Agile approach

Average 5x cost

Reasons why many companies' initiatives failed to realize its full potential

  1. Lack of big picture: 
    CXOs often assign each division to create initiatives for improvement but employees fail to look at the big picture and to communicate horizontally with other divisions. Therefore, a few of collaboration are implemented and inevitably result in low impact of improvement

  2. No reliable benchmark:
    Most companies do not have a specific benchmark to optimize labor capacity or efficiency. As a result, the companies excessively hire workers because of difficulty to estimate the appropriate number of workers for each task

  3. Misalignment of tasks and objectives:
    Companies usually focus solely on improving process efficiency by introducing digital tools and overlook whether introducing these will contribute to achieving their goals. This leads to an excessive number of unnecessary tasks that have no value or impact or the tools introduced may not result in any improvement.

  4. Difficulty on implementation:
    Most external advisory services only offer recommendations without providing actual results or value-added deliverables that drive business impact, resulting in ineffective implementation and difficulty to achieve expected outcomes.

  5. Lack of adaptive execution:
    External advisory services often lack adaptive project execution to fit the clients’ specific context resulting in misalignment with their needs and goals. This potentially leads to inefficiencies and dissatisfaction.

Solution area 1: OpX strategy formulation

Unlock your business’s full potential through an operational excellence diagnosis program. This comprehensive evaluation of your costs, processes, and system identifies areas for improvement and provides a roadmap with quick-win and long-term solutions to uncover the root causes of your business issues.

    • LiB has access to a wide range of databases from various industries, enabling us to adapt our solutions to suit the unique context of your business.
    • Our approach goes beyond surface-level analysis to identify the pain points of your business, allowing us to provide on-the-spot solutions that tackle the root causes of your challenges.

Solution area 2: Cost reduction

Maximize profit and minimize waste with strategic and hands-on cost reduction techniques. By managing expenses that create significant impact, this approach identifies and eliminates unnecessary spending in every expense to increase efficiency and drive financial success.

    • LiB does not only provide improving directions but also helps you implement cost reduction strategies at the operational level to ensure effective results.

Solution area 3: Process improvement

Achieve practical transformation through process improvement techniques. This hands-on approach leverages improvement strategies and technology to enhance and optimize operations to deliver tangible outcomes.

    • LiB does not only offer improvement tools or programs but also provides a hands-on approach to find the best solutions for your business.
    • Our team works closely with all stakeholders to ensure satisfying results and practical transformation.

Solution area 4: Supply chain management

Effective supply chain management involves a balance of key systems such as manpower planning, inventory management, logistic optimization, careful site selection, and others to narrow the efficient value chain.

    • LiB provides customized solutions to the unique business constraints of each company, ensuring maximum impact and effectiveness.