At LiB Consulting, we uses a hands-on, result-driven approach to consulting. We believe in supporting customers in their implementation is crucial to creating a competitive advantage.

See the testimonials of companies that has chosen to work with LiB Consulting to further maximize their business’ potential.

Sales consulting is LiB Consulting’s main competency. With world-class knowhow, a proven record of producing results, and an effective implementation team. We can offer a tailor-made sales consulting project to facilitate your company’s success.


We believe that there are ” 5 pillars” at the heart of every company determined to improve.

Our mission is to work with, and improve the folllowing qualities:

Consulting Case

Apart from our proven, leading-edge sales and marketing consulting programs, we also cater to other topics as well.

Take a look at some of the consulting cases and the results that we achieved with our clients.

Customer Testimonials

See testimonials from our clients:

  • Japanese Know-how from 10 Years Ahead To Win In Current Thai Market Situation.
  • A story of how a struggling project turned extremely successful.
  • Shifts to a team which with sales ability as an organization.
  • No.1 in 9 Business Areas.


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