Family Business

Family Business

Family Businesses contribute to the majority success of the thai economy, accounting for more than 80% of the country’s GDP, varying from every sector.

However, consistent sustain of these businesses has not been an easy task. Research has shown that more than 70% of the businesses failed to successfully inherit the business to a 2nd generation, and a 90% failed to pass down to a 3rd generation. The changing consumer behaviour and industry disruptions, has lead to more tasks in response to these changes.

With a substantial amount of long lasting, and sustainable family businesses in Japan, amounting to over 3,000 companies that were able to successfully maintain operations for more than 200 years.

LiB consulting provides services ranging from formulating strong business bases to overcome expected and unexpected hurdles to helping you in the execution of strategies to maintain and increase the prosperity of the business in the long run.



With the right experiences to assist family businesses for growth, we understand the importance of strategic plans that make the business move forward.


LiB Consulting provides services to create growth strategies that assist in the survival of a red ocean business environment and to properly inherit to next generations.


Strategy consulting covers many areas such as growth strategy, domestic business strategy, overseas business expansions, among others which all lead to the prosperity of the organisation.

Organization Development

Establishing a strong base for survival and sustainable organisations is crucial for moving forwad and inheritting to the next generations.


LiB Consulting provies consulting to enhance and unite organisations.


The project scope ranges from creating and strenghtening the MVV (Mission-vision-values), evaluation system, succession plan, business reformation, and new business developments.

Merger & Acquisition

Family businesses may require a complete transformation in oder to survive or become a leader in the industry.


However, doing so requires expertise in the relevant fields in order to form everything in shape.


LiB Consulting provides business insights with a synergized on-site and management perspective. We provide services which include due diligence and PMI (Post major integration) to smoothen the transformation of the company.

Case Study

Our Podcast


LiB’s podcast is aimed to assist the management teams of businesses, with a focus on family businesses and their corresponding characterstics.


The podcast covers several complex topics compressed in small, bite size and easy digestable information on success and fail case that help your business grow as desired.

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