Real Estate

Real Estate

The real estate industry is one of the essential areas to drive the economic growth of the country.

Real estate developers face more pressure due to an increase in overall real estate property supply, while the demand can fluctuate depending on the current state of the economy.

The unbalances between demand and supply can tricker a price competition.

As competition rapidly increases and various challenges lie ahead, real estate developers always need to catch up with the latest business practice and innovations.

LiB Consulting has experiences in over hundreds projects in real estate industry, and we will leverage our experiences to support your business as well as transform your organization. We work side by side with our customers and provide support along the way to help the organization reaches its goals.


Management Strategy

In the rapidly changing real estate industry, significant changes and improvements in management strategies are required regularly.


LiB Consulting helps our partners formulate as well as clarify and support the company’s vision and management strategies. We will provide a recommendation based on the current customer trends, market conditions, and suitability to the company’s business.


After using our expertise for in-depth and thorough analysis, we will provide solutions ranging from digital transformation, new business creation, overseas expansion, IPOs, M&A, and more. We support the execution of management strategies to help to acheive the desirable outcome.

Organization & Human Resource Development

Changes in the market environment such as real estate demand, increase in competition and consumer behavior shift require adjustment in organizations and human resources.


LiB Consulting provides solutions for organizational development and human resource development, such as recruitment, training, evaluation, and revitalization, according to each company’s scale and business model.


We develop and provide industry-specific solutions. We implement the strategies in each management level on-site and realize organizational transformation and human resource growth.

Marketing & Sales

The increase in competition means the traditional sales practice may not as effective as before. Simply giving customers information about the property are no longer enough to close the deal.


The real estate salepeople need to help customers pass the main 7 steps to psychology states to close the deal. This principle of customer psychology as well as the use of sale process data visualization are our best practices that have been proven to be successful with hundreds of our clients.

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