About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to “increase companies that shape a better world in the next century.”

We believe that consulting can change the world for the better by supporting companies that are contributing values to the world.

We define those wonderful “companies that make the world a better place in the next century” as follows:

“Companies that make the world a better place in the next century”

  • Possess the ambition to change the world in a better direction.
  • Possess the uniqueness to create new values.
  • Have passion and continue taking on challenges.
  • Contribute to the society through consideration of people and the environment.
  • Pursue the 5 pillars for success in order to be an influential existence in the world.

We believe that the values that a company produces are “not produced by the power of any one executive, but from the continuous organization power and culture of the company itself.”

LiB Mind

“Increase companies that make the world a better century to come.”

We believe that a high level of the following values are necessary in consultants who truly wish to

1. Have pride in one's growth

2. Be accountable

3. Take everything positively

4. Commitment to personal and organization goals

5. Collective genius

6. Provide suggestion

7. Gratitude

8. Be considerate of others' feelings

9. Commitment to clients' goals

10. Hands-on approach

11. Lead customers with 5 pillars of success

Consulting Style

THE 5 Pillars

Even though the company is performing well, that does not necessary means the company has a bright future. We define result creation in consulting as the creation of the “5 Pillars”

A company’s sustainable growth and development could not be realized if any one of the “5 qualities” is missing. We are always asking ourselves whether our consulting is contributing to the creation of the “5 Pillars”, and aim to become “companies that make the world a better place in the next century” together with our clients.

Strategy X Hands-on approach

Most of management issues arise on-site. No matter how well thought the strategy was, if it is not implemented on-site, it could not produce any result. We think that “on-site is the frontier of business value creation”, therefore we do not only strive to design better strategies, but also support the implementation into on-site activities.

Consulting that “realizes” strategy

Through “Strategy realization” type consulting, which provides consistent support from strategy to implementation, LiB Consulting gained an industry top-level “90% consulting satisfaction”.

From Japan to Asia

In recent years, the presence of Asian countries on the world’s economy is becoming increasingly strong. LiB Consulting goes beyond Japan and established offices in various countries in Asia, such as, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. and provides consulting service to both local and Japanese companies.



Representative Director

Iwao Seki graduated from the University of Tokyo in 2002 and joined a publicly-traded major business consulting firm. He achieved the best results out of its 400 employees and became the youngest board member in the company’s history.

He has conducted consulting projects for companies in various industries, such as housing and real estate industry, automobile industry, electronic appliances, and retail. He also conduct restructuring projects for numerous companies, and was able to turn those back companies into profit in times of crisis.

After serving as a Senior Managing Director, he left the company to establish LiB Consulting in 2012, to achieve the company’s mission of “increasing companies that shape a better world in the next century.”

In addition to his consulting services, he also conducts lecture events, attracting about 5,000 people a year. His book “CRM 2.0: Maximizing Customer Referrals and Word of Mouth (経営戦略としての紹介営業)” published by Asa Publishing Co., Ltd. has been translated and is now available in Japan, Korea and Thailand.


Executive Director

After entering a major business consulting firm, Kazuhito Gonda went on to become the general manager for the real estate consulting section after only six years in the company.

He oversaw one of Japan’s largest real estate consulting teams while leading numerous successful projects as a top consultant. He focuses on providing value and significant returns for clients in every project.

He then left the company to pursue his study abroad, getting his MBA from Michigan University in America in 2014, before joining LiB Consulting Co.,Ltd. Currently, he serves as the COO, overseeing overseas business and new business developments.



Upon graduation for Waseda University, Kato Yu entered a major consulting firm and worked as a consultant for companies in numerous industries, such as real estate, construction, retail, education, and manufacturing industries.

He has extensive experience in operation improvement, mainly based in the field of sales and marketing, examples of his speciality are “reforming sales process,” “CRM strategy,” and “Corporate Change Management.”

He later joined LiB Consulting in 2013, and served as the general manager of the firm’s biggest consulting unit which specializes in the housing and real estate industry. He has conducted a large number of seminars for companies and executives in the industry. He is now working as a executive officer responsible for new business development in the company.



Yoshitsugu Katsuki entered a major consulting firm upon his graduation from Tokyo University. He was chosen in his second year as a start-up member of the firm’s Korean branch, He has conducting consulting for local sales organizations and also Japanese firms since 2011.

He joined LiB Consulting (Korea) in 2012. Katsuki has an experience of doing consulting for more than 70 companies, and conducting seminars for about 10,000 executives. He has conducting consulting projects for leading companies in Korea, such as LG Electronics and Samsung Group’s subsidiary company, to extremely successful results.

His consulting projects has produced tremendous impact; propelling clients to become No.1 in their industries, doubling revenue in 3 years, increasing annual revenue by 69%, are a few examples of his accomplishments.


Independent Director

CEO of Oka & Company Co., Ltd. / Meiji University Graduate School of Global Business Professor / Sony Group Inc. External Director / Happinet Corporation External Director / ENEOS Holdings, Inc. External Director / Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. External Director

Graduated from Hitotsubashi university. Obtained Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Joined Tohmatsu Touche Ross Consulting (Current ABeam Consulting Ltd.) in 1986. Became independent after going through position rotations in the group companies. Currently conducting group management and M&A related consulting activities, and holding positions as external board member of various listed companies, member of government council such as METI, and also teaching at a university.


YUKI SATOH / 佐藤 勇樹

Exclusive adviser

Joined A.T.Kearney after working at Recruit Co., Ltd. For 17 years.
Conducted strategy consulting mainly for the financial and IT sector.
Became partner at A.T.Kearney in 2002.
Previously held various posts, such as, IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Member, IT Coordinators Association steering committee, Member of the Japan Society for Management Information, Industrial structure council human resource development curriculum formulation committee member

Project in charge

  • Growth strategy design.
  • Partnership and Coordination strategy design.
  • IT strategy design.
  • Business model construction.
  • Risk analysis model construction.
  • Sales organization reform.
  • BPR.
  • Process/IT integration in mergers.

Major achievements

  • Growth strategy design and sales store reform, merge/integration project (financial business).
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP) design project (financial, IT business).
  • Shared service/ outsourcing strategy construction project (financial business).
  • Data mining and marketing strategydesign project (logistics business).
  • Channel strategy design and task process reform project (various businesses, such as, apparel, logistics, IT, manufacturer, energy, etc.).



ALMACREATION Corporation CEO / Lead for Action Foundation Representative Director /NPO Association of Learning Designers Director / Developer of “Future Mapping” creative problem-solving method


  • 1987 Sophia University, BA in Foreign Studies
  • 1989 New York University, MA in Economics
  • 1992 Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, MBA


  • 1998 Founded ALMAC, Ltd. as Coordinator and Chair at Dantotsu Kigyou Jissenkai, which was the largest organization for entrepreneurs focusing of direct marketing in Japan.
  • 2000 Founded Learning Solutions, KK, the largest company in Japan focused on accelerated learning.
  • 2004 Started Living History Project. Over 2000 people interviewed about their experiences in war. Interviews all in their twenties. Video recording can be found online at the NPO Living History.
  • 2007 Selected as top marketer in Japan from GQ Magazine
  • 2012 Published business books and was voted as no.1 marketing book from Amazon.co.jp.
  • 2014, he was the only Japanese lecturer in a special course at the Wharton Global Forum Tokyo organized by the Wharton School in the United States.
  • 2018, a member of the ECHO Award and International Jury of the world’s leading authority on marketing.

Thai Members



Mid-term strategy, business restructuring strategy & execution, change management, marketing & sales strategy, due diligence in telecom, housing and real estate, manufacturing (i.e. auto parts, kitchen appliances, and tractors), dealers, etc.

Education: Hitotsubashi University – 2nd in class under Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship


Project Manager

Mid-term strategy, business restructuring strategy & execution, Marketing & sales strategy, due diligence in telecom, healthcare, housing and real estate, cost controlling strategy & execution in manufacturing (i.e. auto parts, audio products), etc.

Education: University of Tokyo (B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) under Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship


Project Manager

Salesforce improvement and implementation, Organization management (i.e. organization diagnosis and structure design), Human resource management (i.e. executive remuneration, compensation analysis and structure design, competency development and career framework) in Oil & Gas, Consumer Goods and Services, Retail, Automotive, Medical industries.

Education: University of Bath and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University under the scholarship. Graduated with Merit.


Senior Consultant

Cost controlling strategy & execution, mid-term strategy, business process reengineering, marketing & sales strategy in in manufacturing, automobiles, logistic agriculture and food.

Education: Tokyo Institute of Technology (1st in class in B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) under Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship


Senior Consultant

Salesforce improvement and implementation, Organization development, Business restructuring strategy & execution, Marketing & sales strategy in telecom, housing and real estate, automotive, manufacturing industry.

Education: University of Glasgow under the Excellence Awards Scholarship. Graduated with Merit and Graduate awarded

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