The heir to win the minds

 Family Business

Sales and Marketing / Training

Background / Objectives

-MBA Graduate and 2nd generation president of the family business faced resistances to proposed organizational changes.


-Particularly, a senior sales manager who has been a part of the company since the early business stages, objected to the proposed sales strategy due to it being too theoretical and not suitable for practical application.


-Main Results: Successful execution of proposed sales strategy and validation by the pilot team prior to a nationwide adaptation.

Result creation process

-LiB Consulting supported the new president with the appropriate approach to ease resistances by applying change management techniques, in which the main idea is to identify relevant stakeholders and have them involved in the project.


-We identified the gap between the current process (as-is) and target (to-be) in the president’s expectation. With our expertise in sales and marketing paradigm, LiB benchmarked the best practices of other companies in relevant industries.


-Finally, the best practice was developed specifically for the company and it was recognized and validated by the change agents. LiB oversaw the implementation of the new practices in the pilot scope, evaluated PDCA’s (Plan-Do-Check-Act) while constantly giving solid advice on what to do to achieve the set goals, and finalized the sales approach and preparation for nationwide implementation.


-The positive results changed how the president and pilot teams were perceived. The senior sales manager also perceived the benefits and accepted to change. Additionally, LiB organized workshops to make everyone understand and acknowledge the company-wide goals that it is aiming towards.


-The president gained acceptance and support from internal stakeholders. From solely the top-down decision of the president, the new initiatives were advocated by all employees. With the adaptation of the new sales approach in every branch, PDCA’s were continually evaluated with less intervention of upper management and the president.

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