Human management system to support the challenging environment

 Family Business

Sales and Marketing / Training

Background / Objectives

-This company is a family business that has been in a hardware and software development and manufacturing business for more than 100 years. Its markets are both in Japan and overseas including the US and China.


-The company lacked enough talented human resources to pursue their goals to be a global brand and increase the added value of products


-The employees were used to the traditional management system in which the president decided everything. Even though the company has already changed to the system in which employees can participate more, employees were still indecisive and it made each meeting ineffective too.


-Furthermore, compared to the listed companies, they did not have enough recruitment power, so the company could not solve this problem by simply recruiting personnel from other companies.


-Lastly, their in-house personnel management system also did not recognize and reward employees enough. The system did not support human development, so employees had little motivation to challenge themselves.

Result creation process

-The consistency among four elements: environment, strategy, organization, and personnel, is the key for success. It was made through three methods: top-down, bottom-up, and the evaluation considering peripheral systems.


-LiB used a top-down approach to help specify the company’s goals and the image they want to be in the future. Then, Lib supported the creation of a 10-year business plan that matches the goal.


-Furthermore, we used a bottom-up approach to understand the current problems. We surveyed and interviewed employees, and as a third party, we acquired all actual gaps and objectively assessed the criticality of each one. Combining two results, we proposed a new personnel management system.


-Soon after LiB has proposed the new personnel management system, there are more employees wanting to do challenging works such as creating a new project and working aboard. People have more motivation because they know that the new system will recognize their performances and will appropriately reward them.


-Furthermore, the meeting and decision making process became more effective. Everyone now has a clear understanding about goals, methods, and policies because they have created and acknowledged the 10-year business plan.

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