Growth strategy to win the global market

 Family Business

Sales and Marketing / Training

Background / Objectives

-Kai Corporation has been specialized in cutlery and knife production, the business covers both B to C and B to B areas, globally. Despite the long history, the third-generation president feels the urgency of preparing the company for disruptions, and globalization changes.


-Kai Corporation wants to restructure the organization from centralizing power where the president manages everything for employees, to be the company where employees engage more in creating ideas and development, so that the company can move forward without solely dependence on a single person but everyone as a whole.

Result creation process

-LiB partnered with Kai Corporation to support this transformation. Started with prioritizing goals the company had, then made sure that related people have the same pictures of what the company to be in their minds. LiB also worked with employees to cover all the weaknesses and created a method to consider the necessity of a reduction or withdrawal production policy.


-With the same goals in mind, the company can start fixing all weaknesses by itself. The president believes that with the consciousness everyone has towards making up the deficit, the flow that reflects all actions will be created. As a result, the company will be able to continue the transformation on its own.


-After adopting the method created by LiB, the company has already quitted producing more than 10,000 old products and changed to new products instead to meet changes in the market. And able to adapt to the upcoming changes effectively and sustainably.

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