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Property Perfect PCL has been operating as Real Estate developer
with various housing estate and condominium projects for 30 years with the concept of“Happy Living” which creates happiness to every resident with all details for the highest satisfaction.

K. Pairat Senajak

Executive Director of
Property Perfect Co., Ltd.

Interview with Property Perfect Executive

Prior to the decision to use LiB Consulting service, what was the company situation before starting the project?

We would like to increase sales revenue because there was high and intense competitiveness in real estate market in Thailand. Numbers of new projects and competitors emerge in the market.

Instead of competing on the product itself, it is important to focus on sales department which is main engine in company. We had constantly arranged training from both internal and external experts for our sales teams to inspire and motivate them to have some new idea.

However, there was no common and traditional sales system but the individual sales technique.

After knowing LiB Consulting, why did you (K. Pairat) trust and allow us to provide consulting service to develop Property Perfect’s sales department?

We are interesting and believe in the concept, method and sales system from Japan which is efficient, different and deliberates all details. Further, we trust that the concept will result in the outcome speedily.

After LiB Consulting setting up sales system and providing knowledge to sales representatives, what is the result?

LiB Consultaing has created the best practice of sales which is suitable for the company bases on the principle of consumer psychology which helps to create the pattern for sales representatives and they can better understand customers’ demand rather than selling by descriptive explanation.

Apart from principle of sales, there is the dialogue creation to be the traditional pattern and sales representatives are able to enhance their capability from practice by creating practice culture and having a role play in organization.

As we know that the company already has the training for employee, what is the difference to the consulting and proving knowledge from LiB Consulting as the long-term project?

Project created by LiB Consulting emphasizes on creating system and organizational culture for Sales Section rather than training solely. Each training has the period of time for the sales representatives to review the content, practice and implement in real situation. Moreover, there is the monitoring and follow up from the Manager for the constant practice.

The workshop by LiB Consulting to provide knowledge for sales representatives and Manager gives them opportunity to express opinion, share idea and analyze the situation base on their project to be able to implement.

It also gives the Manager a chance to review and suggest sales representative in the training.

During the consulting and training period of LiB Consulting, is there any change in Sales Section?

In overall, the horizontal projects had the higher sales volume after starting project. The system and Sales Section development project by LiB Consulting creates the fundamental sales process that is the model for the sales representatives of horizontal project.

It also creates the instructing system from the Manager in sales techniques development by reviewing the suggestions and the PDCA development system in sales team, analyzing sales activities and practice role play.

In regard to the training for sales representatives and Manager to make them better understand of sales psychology, Icebreaking activity is emphasized to open the customer mind before selling. Furthermore, Sales Section has to query and analyze the obstacle to customer purchasing in order to follow up customer.

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