Increase project’s selling speed by more than three times using cluster analysis and securing consistency in marketing and sales.

 Real Estate

Background / Objectives

-The client is aThai public company that focuses on the development of low-rise properties.

-The company is located in an area that recently saw many big developers come in and create new projects, resulting in oversupply.

-The company used a strategy for the mass market in the area as it has always done, however, the product’s common variables such as price and location were relatively weak, resulting in it not selling well.

-Based on the above, the client wanted like to find a strategy that will allow it to compete with bigger companies with strong common product variables.

Result creation process


[Financial Performance]

-Sales speed increased from an average of 1.5 units per month to 5 units per month.

-The average unit price increased by almost 10%.



-The process and internal mechanisms for creating a product that can win in a competitive market is created.

-The market was segmented by needs, such as focus on location, house design, nature in project, in contrary to the traditional segmentation of market only by characteristics, i.e. income, product type, location.


[Employee Development]

-People in the marketing department learned a new work process, including statistical analysis.

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