Improving sales success rate by utilizing Japanese best practice on sales process and visualization

Real Estate

Background / Objectives

-The client is one of the top 10 real estate companies in Thailand, developing both detached housing projects and condominium projects.

-Salespeople turnover rate is over 30%, weakening the effect of trainings and making sales success rate unstable.

-The company’s overall sales success rate was on a declining trend, similar to most companies at the time.AF20.

-Based on the above, the objective of this project is to increase the sales success rate during market downturn, while minimizing the impact from high salespeople turnover. AE19.

Result creation process


[Financial Performance]

-Sales success rate increased by more than 25% three months after implementation.



-A best practice on sales steps and process were created, and summarized into a sales manual.

-Sales process were brokendown and visualized by different KPIs.

-Crucial KPIs to monitor to increase sales success rate were specified.

-Sales tools were created to support salespeople in each sales step.

-Sales managers were able to use the KPIs to monitor salespeople’s performance, specify problems, and work with salespeople to increase sales success rate.


[Employee Development]

-Sales managers have developed their problem-solving skills and have become able to conduct PDCA for their teams using created tools.

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