Growth strategy & New S-curve strategy for a big player in a saturated market

Agriculture & Food

Background / Objectives

-The company is a leading agriculture company in Thailand who has faced the revenue declining for recent years.

-The objective of this project is to create a growth strategy to to bring back the revenue & market share

-However, after diagnosis phase, we found that the overall market tends to shrink in a long term, thus we conducted the initial phase of creating new S-curve strategy as well.

Result creation process


[Financial achievement]

-Mid-term strategy and policy direction are clarified with solid action plans to pursue further growth in both current and new business


[Human resource management]

-Know-how of creating growth strategy and international benchmarks are installed into the middle-management and executive teams


[System & mechanism]

-Key indicators, action plans and PDCA tools are established to monitor the progress of initiatives to drive the company towards the mid-term goals and company’s mission-vision

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