Expand customer base by referral sales

Real Estate / Leasing 

Sales and Marketing

Background / Objectives

-Developing a rental service for the construction industry.

-Even though business is currently successful through favourable external environments, a recession is anticipated in a few years, and building a new foundation for growth is necessary.

-The company’s market share is currently small, but it is setting sights on a large construction company with a substantial share in the construction industry as an important future target.

-In increasing the share of the large construction company, it has been decided that referral sales within the client’s company is more effective than expanding sales through telephone calls, which has been the method used up until now.

-Construction of the structure for referral sales and staff education is implemented.

Result creation process



-Increased share in target company

-Increased unit price of each customer through strengthening relationships



-Creation of the winning pattern for referral sales

-Standardization of sales talk tools, etc. for the practice of the winning pattern

-Constructing the management system for referral sales


[Human resource]

-Increased referral sales skill

-Increased productivity through referral sales

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