Scientific Sales Management System

Digitization of sales education system

How could we make salespeople follow the same sales process through sales management which utilizes indicators?

Creation of a sales management system with coaching at the core

In the education of salespeople, effective coaching from managers is an extremely important method in increasing sales productivity.


There are two points in introducing coaching. The first point is, that the sales manager and salespeople come up with a coaching plan together.

By gaining acceptance and drawing out the motivation of the salespeople, the sales productivity could be largely increased.


The second point is, the utilization of “indicators” in coaching. By adopting a coaching style based on quantitative analysis, in addition to gaining high acceptance from salespeople, verification of the coaching performance also became possible, and the coaching skills of managers could also be improved.

The three perspectives in the formulation of the coaching plan for salespeople

There are three important questions in the formulation of the sales coaching plan.

1.This month, which skill of this salesperson should we work on to improve.

2.Why did we focus on that skill?

3.What coaching plan should be used to improve that skill?

In order to formulate a coaching plan which could answer these three questions clearly, firstly, skill diagnosis based on the “indicators” is necessary.

Specifying improvement points by skill diagnosis based on “indicators”.

In the formulation of coaching plan, the first thing that needs to be considered is “which indicator should be improved in order to maximize the sales performance of this salesperson”.

By narrowing down the issues using information of the amount of activity during each sales process and the step-up rate for each process, the step in the sales process which has skill issues could be clarified.


For example, if the indicator shows that “there are many leads which became cases, however, they failed to materialize into proposals”, there is a possibility that the following issues are at hand.

1. There is not enough work done on each lead.

2. Individual responses corresponding to the each lead's situation are not conducted.

3. Trust relationships were not formed during the first contact.

In addition, by looking deeper into the average number of contacts with leads, content of individual responses to each lead, and the content of the first telephone call, skills that should be improved are specified.


There are techniques towards the successful application of SNS for Japanese companies, and by establishing a hiring method which applies those techniques, increased hiring precision and cost reduction could be achieved at the same time.

Formulating the coaching plan

After the points which need to be improved are narrowed down by skill diagnosis based on the “indicators”, the coaching plan for the improvement of the skills in question is formulated.


In the formulation of the coaching plan, sales managers should ask salespeople a set of questions, and urge them to analyze the result , then design an improvement measure by themselves.


By providing salespeople a learning opportunity to think about self-improvement proactively, the salespeople’s acceptance and motivation could be drawn out.

Establishing the coaching culture in the organization

Construct a system which allows the sales coaching flow mentioned above to be implemented organization-wide.


After creating a system for the “indicator collection” of the sales activity, sales managers are then educated on the coaching method, skill diagnosis by using the “indicators” method, and “coaching plan formulation method”.


In addition, rules concerning the assessment of the coaching plan on each level, namely, “salespeople and sales managers”, “sales managers and sales directors”, and “sales directors and board members” are also created in parallel, in order to establish the coaching culture in the organization.

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