Scientific Sales Hiring System

Digitization of sales hiring system

Supporting the sales hiring system in digital era in order to get the successful sale staff.

Has the sales hiring system been switched to one of the digital era?

The biggest change is that the negotiation initiative is tranferred to the hands of the customer. The traditional sales activity in which the negotiation initiative was held by salespeople due to the information gap about the product are producing less and less result in the digitization era.


Salespeople which are well accepted by the customer who is holding the negotiation initiative are not traditional-style pushing or overpowering type salespeople, but are intelligent and kind salespeople.


Due to the changing characteristics requirement for salespeople, the sales hiring system must also be revised from the beginning.
Creating a new hiring system which could hire excellent salespeople with qualities suitable for the digitization era is necessary.

The 4 steps to reform the sales hiring system

1. Dentifying the characteristics of salespeople in the digitization era,

2. Determining the evaluation method,

3. Reaching out to candidates, and

4. Continuous improvement as the hiring activity progresses, are followed in the reform.

Systematic the interview and evaluation method to identify characteristics of excellent employee

If the characteristics of an excellent sales staff are clarified, so that we can design the interviews and exams to identify who would be the excellent employee.


During the interview, we would know what kind of method should be taken, what questions should be asked, whether to perform role-playing also whether to do the exam. In these sense, be for the interview process, we can consider the appreciated evaluation method which leads to being able to define the excellent employee.

Increasing hiring precision and reducing cost at the same time through the application of SNS

The hiring process’ precision could be largely increased by the application of SNS.


Direct recruiting method utilizing SNS has been around for a while, but it is known to have low success rate in comparison to the large amount of effort necessary.

However, that is because, in many cases, companies are only imitating the successful examples of overseas businesses and conduct hiring activities without sufficiently understanding the characteristics of SNS.


There are techniques towards the successful application of SNS for Japanese companies, and by establishing a hiring method which applies those techniques, increased hiring precision and cost reduction could be achieved at the same time.

Increasing precision by conducting PDCA of the sales hiring system

Once the sales hiring system is completed, it does not mean that the same system could be used forever.


This is because the characteristics required for the salespeople are influenced by changes in time, competition situation, and the market needs.

Therefore, even after the sales hiring system is completed, conducting regular analysis and introducing improvements based on those analysis results is important.


Are there any changes in the characteristics of an outstanding salesperon? Are the sales performance of hired salespeople up to the expectation?, etc. are verified and by continuously improving based on those results, the increase in sales hiring precision could be achieved.

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