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Executive Summary

In the development of new markets, in order to increase the speed of share expansion, improving the sales productivity for new customer acquisition is an inevitable issue. Our company’s new customer acquisition support, by being a one-stop service covering from the design of sales strategy towards new customers, construction of models for sales winning patterns, to the step of company-wide application, realized a substantial improvement in sales productivity. In addition, we also design marketing plans and activities in order to increase contact point with new customers when necessary.

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Evaluation of the actual state of the activity

The actual state of the current sales activity is examined from the 3C perspective, and issues are clarified. By conducting “analytical investigation”, such as, sales productivity analysis, analysis of factors of failure to establish contract, top sales attributes analysis, etc. along with sales sit-in or interview of top salespeople and normal salespeople, interview or questionnaire for customers, hearing with customers who the company failed to establish a contract, and investigation of competitors, the issues are made clear.

Design of sales strategy/ sales technique

Based on the issues identified from the evaluation of the actual state of the activity, a sales strategy is designed. The sales strategy is clarified through determining potential future target, the values the company could provide to the target, and competitive advantages over other rival companies. Moreover, the sales method required for target acquisition must be chosen between sales to win over share, or new demand creation sales, in which the sales technique are then changed accordingly.

Constructing the sales winning pattern

The model for realizing high sales productivity is constructed.
On top of the visualization of sales steps which are effective for new customer acquisition, along with the creation of sales story to increase the customer’s purchase desire, sales talks and tools which leads to the winning pattern are also prepared.

Company-wide application of the winning pattern constructed

The winning pattern of new customer acquisition sales constructed is applied throughout the company. In the application, steps of understanding → practice → evolution must be taken. All members must first understand the theory behind the sales method which became the winning pattern, after which, a period of 6-8 months should be allocated as the implementation period, along with conducting other efforts to strengthen sales ability company-wide. The goal is for the knowhow to reach the evolution step on-site during on-site implementation.

Constructing the system for inbound marketing

In the acquisition of new customer, when constructing a new customer attraction route, a new marketing plan is also formulated at the same time. Basically, customer attraction by inbound marketing is preferably increased over outbound marketing due to the higher sales efficiency. From the selection of the approach method to be suitable for each target up to the implementation step, are conducted.

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