Marketing Strategy

Executive Summary

In a maturing market, creating customers through marketing holds, from the management strategy point of view, an extremely important position. In the construction of management strategy, depending on whether the company is aiming for new customer acquisition or maintaining existing customer, or whether the company is trying to create demand, or win over share, the marketing method which should be taken could be separated into 4 types. Our company’s marketing strategy consulting chooses the marketing method which best suits the objective from the 4 types, and provides the corresponding support.

3C analysis – STP strategy formulation

Environment analysis is conducted from the perspective of 3C. The current situation is grasped through analysis of rivals, analysis of the company’s competitive advantages, analysis of customer trend, etc. Then, customers are grouped according to their needs (segmentation), after which, the group which best suits the company is chosen (targeting). Moreover, based on the competitive advantage over rivals, the company’s standing place in the market is set (positioning).

Design of a marketing strategy which makes use of design thinking

In a mature market, realizing the hidden needs of the customers, and to create a completely new customer value is important. Therefore, in the search for customer needs, strategy ideas are created from zero-based thinking, while conducting persona creation and while applying design thinking, and not problem-solving thinking.

Conducting marketing research

In the design and verification of the marketing hypothesis, questionnaires, group interviews, internet surveys, etc. are planned and conducted. By combining exploratory research which has the objective of creating ideas or narrowing down the research issues, descriptive research which has the objective of measuring business achievement, and cause-and-effect /verification research which has the objective of establishing the causal relationship, we design the most suitable investigation.

Marketing mix (4P) strategy formulation

In order to move on to the implementation of the formulated marketing strategy, it is categorized into either product strategy, price strategy, promotion strategy, or channel strategy. Based on which of the above 4 types of marketing method is selected, the required marketing mix is different, and the strategy is then formulated accordingly.

Implementation of the marketing policy

The policy formulated by the marketing mix strategy is carried on to the implementation step. In order to communicate the values provided as formulated in the strategy to the customer appropriately, marketing channel and media selection, and killer message creation are conducted. In order to have consistency from strategy formulation to the implementation of marketing in such cases, we also provide implementational supports.

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