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Executive Summary

In a matured industry where new customer acquisition has reached its limit, expanding profit obtained from existing customers is an important issue.


By applying two approaches, improving customer life time value, and improving customer recommend & referral value towards existing customers, sales ability is strengthened and sales from existing customers is maximized.

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CRM strategy

Before strengthening sales ability towards existing customers, issues concerning CRM strategy should be identified through profitability analysis, satisfaction survey, referral/word of mouth achievement analysis, etc.


A profit improvement simulation is then created, or the 4S strategy (segmentation strategy, satisfaction strategy, sales strategy, system strategy) is applied based on the current issues.


the system for repeat sales

Constructing the system for repeat sales after establishing the first contract and improving the customer life time value is an important element in strengthening sales ability.


From the design of the flow to control the customer’s satisfaction after contract establishment, and revision of the product lineup for upselling/cross-selling, to the construction of the detailed repeat sales step are conducted.

Constructing the system

for referral/word of mouth sales

Constructing the system for referral sales and improving the customer recommend & referral value of existing customers are also important elements in strengthening sales ability.


From the segmentation of customer attributes with high referral tendency, identification of the satisfaction factor which leads to referral, to the construction of detailed referral sales step is conducted.

Installation of

“the 6 steps of referral sales”

practiced by referral top salespeople

Our company conducted an analysis of top salespeople from various industries and systematized it into “the 6 steps of referral sales” as important methods for success.


By installing methods specific to referral sales such as “specific request”, or “action specification”, the number of new customer acquisition through referral/word of mouth could be increased remarkably.

Creating an in-company

system for continuous result output

Even though a short-term result is achieved for repeat sales or referral sales for existing customers, in most cases, new customer sales became a higher priority at the on-site level and establishment of repeat or referral sales in the middle to long term is not achieved.


Our company’s sales ability strengthening consulting construct the foundation for the realization of middle to long term sales ability strengthening, by devising measures to stimulate actions, or a data management system for the continuous PDCA application in order to achieve continuous result output.

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