Evaluation System

Executive Summary

One objective of the personnel evaluation system and wage management is to make reasonable wage payment to employees.


However, the personnel evaluation system is not constructed only for that purpose, and it is important to understand its role as a management tool for the embodiment of the company’s philosophy, vision, and strategy.


Our company’s personnel evaluation system construction consulting considers the conformity between the philosophy, vision, and strategy and support a system design which applies those into the hiring/education/evaluation of human resource.

The way of thinking on the basic structure of the personnel system

Personnel systems are mainly made up of three systems, “rank system”, “evaluation system”, and “wage system”.


Moreover, on a wider meaning, “the personnel system” could also encompass rules concerning job rotation/position changes and the welfare systems, and therefore, the consistency with human resource education and the hiring strategy is required.


From the wide range of topics above, the ones which should be revised, and the extent of revision are considered based on each company’s situation and issues.

Thinking about system operation which matches the company’s growth stage

The person in control of the operation of the personnel evaluation system is the on-site evaluator. A system which ignores the level of on-site understanding/management would not function, no matter how theoretically perfect the system is. We believe that designing a simple system which matches the company’s growth stage and level of the management team is essential.

Not only operating the system, but also aim for organization level-up

Even though the personnel evaluation system is introduced, if the organization does not seem to change from the current situation at all, there seems to be no meaning to put in the effort to change the system. It is therefore preferable to introduce a system which enable an organization reform by considering the on-site level of management. In order to do so, evaluation training and feedback training after the introduction of the system is necessary.

Beforehand preparation for problems which could occur is the key

For the personnel evaluation system, it is important to continue improving while operating. However, if big changes are introduced again and again, the burden on the on-site employees will become larger, and the system will be reduced to a formality due to distrust from the employees. Therefore it is essential to test “what will happen when this system is applied to our company” from the formulation step, and prepare preventive measures and countermeasures.

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