New Business Development

Executive Summary

For the dynamically changing market and customer in the evolving digital society, what values should businesses provide. Products or services with the highest quality, or new products do not necessarily sell, and creating a product or service which is suitable, considering the customer’s current and future situation, along with conducting marketing which matches the market is necessary.


However, discovering the product that is “just right” for the market is not easy for traditional Japanese companies, which started business from craftsmanship and creation and has been developing new businesses through a product-out approach.

From the past, that role has been given to trading companies, wholesale stores, or retailers, however, at present times, purchase decisions are made by selecting what is best for each “individual” person or company, therefore, dividing the role between manufacturing and selling does not work as well anymore.


Our company’s new business development consulting identifies the potential values that the company could provide, and supports the formulation and implementation of a sustainable business plan, contributing to the company’s advancement through development and realization of new businesses.

Clarification of the desired company image

Companies receive profit from the values they provide, however, the objective of companies is not “to earn money”, but lies in the realization of the core mission, which is to influence change or evolution in the future of the customer or the society.


Therefore, companies must observe objectively and identify the strong points they possess, capability, and core competence. Working with a company value and company capability which is not “self-satisfactory” is necessary.

Identifying the desired direction of change or the change in the future of the customer and society

The customer or the market’s current situation and the future image is predicted, then how the company or the product or service it provides could be a part of it is considered. In addition, other companies or events which influence the same customers or markets are plotted, and the competition or cooperation relationship is visualized.

Searching for the possibility of the evolution of the product/service

Evaluate the existing products or services objectively, and identify the current and future value of the market and the customer.


At the same time, also consider the possiblity of an evolution of services or products which will become necessary in the future, identify the functions and abilities which are necessary in the evolution and should be obtained, and evaluate the method and difficulty of construction, and procurement.


In addition, also conduct the selection of such evolutions from the perspectives of future value (profit obtained), final cost, and practicability.

Search for the possibility of a noncontinuous new business development

Generally, when developing new businesses, the most effective method is to leverage from currently provided services or products.


However, our company’s new business development consulting also considers the possibility of noncontinuous services or products. Even though there is a distance from the company’s core competence, such as the company’s asset, location, factory, sales, channel, customer, etc. areas where there are possible uses or expansions are identified, and values provided which could be created by the company or through cooperation with other companies are explored.

Creating an in-company system for continuous result output

The detailed steps leading to actual implementation are designed, such as, organizing a new business plan for a discovered potential new business, creating priorities, conducting feasibility study, or pre-marketing, and selecting or negotiating with contacts.


Our company’s new business development consulting not only supports plan formulation, but also place importance in supporting the implementation.companies are explored.

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