Growth Strategy

Executive Summary

Most growth strategies increase the value of the business which is a change desired by stakeholders, such as, investors or corporates. It takes the value the business holds as a leverage and increases the profitability. In addition to that,


Lib Consulting’s growth strategy’s distinguished characteristics is that it does not only increase the profitability by improving the bottomline, but also expands the scale by improving the topline which makes use of existing strong points of the business. Moreover, a one-stop service encompassing from the design of the growth strategy and plan to the implementation is also highly evaluated.

Confirmation of the values provided to the customer/market

The perspectives below are discussed in depth and organized.

  • What is the current situation and what are the values provided up until now?
  • What results do those values brought upon the customer or the market/ society?
  • What are the competitive advantages of those values, and is there a possibility of continuation into the future?

Grasping the market/customer and the competition environment

The perspectives below are discussed in depth and organized.

  • Where is the customer and the market which is the current target?
  • What is the competitive situation of the market?
  • Where is the customer or the market which could be leveraged?
  • Where are the surrounding markets which have high potential for growth?

Identifying areas which have potential for growth and setting priorities

The perspectives below are discussed in depth and organized.

  • What is an attractive market or an attractive service?
  • What is the possibility and difficulty of acquisition/realization?
  • What are the administration resources necessary for implementation?
  • What are the supposed risks in implementation?

Execution plan

The perspectives below are organized.

  • Setting the execution schedule and the milestone
  • Designing the acquisition plan for the necessary administration resources
  • Setting the KPI, and if necessary, setting the criteria for withdrawal

Implementation support

In the implementation step, the following supports are provided.

  • Promotion of the plan to realize the growth strategy and progress confirmation review
  • Formation and implementation of an alternative proposal when necessary

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