Global Strategy

Executive Summary

In order to expand the business or reduce cost, global expansion has already become a normal strategy.


However, the information of each country in the world which are generally known does not necessarily apply to the company and each companies must select the most suitable choice according to their own opportunities or issues. In addition, for multinational companies, an appropriate management system and human resource management is an extremely important issue. The most suitable answer is different between countries and regions, and also the company’s stage and the content of provided function.

Lib consulting is one of the few consulting firms which could realize a company’s global strategy and bring about early achievements, through the use of knowledge and network obtained from site offices in many countries in Asia, and based on abundant past experience of global business strategy formulation and implementation support.

Stocktaking of the company’s capability

The perspectives below are discussed in depth and organized.

  • What is the objective of global expansion?
  • What is the value or service which functions in the global expansion?
  • Is there any functions which could become the source of competitive advantage?

Evaluation of the attractiveness of provided values in overseas market

The perspectives below are discussed in depth and organized.

  • Where is the market where the values that the company could provide be exhibited?
  • What is the main factor of success in that market?
  • What is the current market situation? and is there any possibility of future growth?
  • Are there any regulations, systems, or laws which should be considered?
  • What are the risks of the target market?

Identifying the costs and resources necessary in entering the market and calculating the expected result

The perspectives below are discussed in depth and organized.

  • What is the approximate necessary administration resource, cost, and time in entering the market?
  • What methods are there in procuring those resources?
  • What is the anticipated ROI?
  • What are the risks for each market?

Acquisition of necessary resources for the design of the execution plan

The perspectives below are discussed in depth and organized.

  • The schedule for entering the market
  • Organization forming, personnel acquisition
  • Choices for cooperation, partnership, or acquisition of local companies are explored.

Implementation support

In the implementation step, the follow supports are given.

  • Milestone and KPI check after implementation
  • Confirmation of the situation, designing an alternative measure, and formation and verification of withdrawal criteria

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