Management Strategy

New Business Development

Executive Summary

For the dynamically changing market and customer in the evolving digital society, what values should businesses provide. Products or services with the highest quality, or new products do not necessarily…

Global Strategy

Executive Summary

In order to expand the business or reduce cost, global expansion has already become a normal strategy. However, the information of each country in the world which are generally known does not necessarily apply to the company and each companies…

Growth Strategy

Executive Summary

Most growth strategies increase the value of the business which is a change desired by stakeholders, such as, investors or corporates. It takes the value the business holds as a leverage and increases the profitability. In addition to that, Lib Consulting’s growth strategy’s distinguished characteristics is that it does not only increase…

Mid-Term Strategic Planning

Executive Summary

The middle-term management plan of listed companies are mainly formulated with the purpose of IR, in fact, there are quite a number of cases where the formulation process itself is the objective…

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