Business DD (Business Due Diligence)

Executive Summary

In present day growth strategy of companies, inorganic M&A strategy has became one of the important growth strategies, regardless of the size, industry or region of the company. For non-financial companies, this is a powerful tool which minimizes the risk, time, and cost, while ensuring success, in comparison to the expansion, or entering the industry, region by themselves.

Our company’s M&A consulting not only formulates the M&A strategy based on the growth strategy, and conducts business due diligence of the target company, but also conducts consulting from designing the strategy for the new company formed by the merger or integration between customer companies, to the integration of personnel and system. Moreover, we also contribute to the noncontinuous growth of the customer company by actively participating in the evaluation and selection of acquisition targets. Lastly, we also have a plethora of achievements in supporting company government, such as solving issues concerning business handover and ownership, and also consulting concerning company listing.

Business DD (Business Due Diligence)

Because M&A is an attractive method as a growth strategy for companies, analyzing the acquisition target company or business carefully, and confirming possible risks or problems, along with setting a suitable acquisition price, and formulate a value-up plan beforehand is important.


Our company possess a specialized team with abundant experience in M&A consulting for both large and small companies, moreover, through the participation of consultants with specialized knowledge about the target industry, our fast and precise business due diligence is highly evaluated.

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