Manufacturing & Automobile

Manufacturing & Automobile

The manufacturing sector is a vital part of the Thai economy.

The manufacturing and automotive industry account for 25% and 10% of Thailand’s GDP respectively.

The industry will have many challenges to overcome in the near future, such as shifting investment towards neighboring countries, shifting trends towards digitalization, shifting technology landscape towards sustainable future (i.e., electric vehicle, renewable energy), the significantly higher expectation for consumer convenience, and shifting consumer trends towards cost-sharing between consumers (i.e., car sharing).


As global competition accelerates, we will provide new service solutions to battle with overseas and domestic competitors.

At LiB Consulting, we aim to bring innovations and to improve the manufacturing and automotive industry. We will construct new business models, strengthen marketing and sales systems, and controlling costs. We also focus on personnel system reforms, human resource development, as well as creating and improving the system. We will consistently support your execution until you get the results.


Sales & Marketing

Thailand faces stagnated market growth in recent years. The companies needed to compete within the same stagnated market space. This means creating customers through marketing has become an essential part of business strategy.

In order to build a marketing strategy, we will analyze and recommend whether your business needs to acquire new customers, retain existing customers, stimulate new demand, or seize market share within the same space. We will recommend the most suitable type and support you to reach the end goal.

Cost Down

With increasing competition both from domestic and oversea market, it is essential to keep cost under control to maintain profitability without sacrificing quality of products. LiB Consulting has the expertise to implement cost reduction without negative impact on the company’s income.


We can thoroughly identify the unnecessary indirect cost, use lean manufacturing principle, and use lean organization know-how in order to maximize profitability and aim towards the company’s long-term sustainability.

Growth Strategy

Increasing the value of the manufacturing business is expected by stakeholders such as investors and corporates. Many manufacturers always looking internally to improve their business operations for growth, which also aim to leverage the value of the business and increase profitability.


LiB Consulting’s growth strategy is not only to improve profitability by improving the bottom line, but also to utilize its original strengths to expand the scale by improving the top line. We can provide consistent support for planning growth strategies, growth plans, and implementing those plans.

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