Increase motivation by creating evaluation system suitable to working environment


 Organization Development

Background / Objectives

-Due to the agent being acquired as a whole, the existing owner’s ambiguous evaluation system still strongly remained.

-Employee’s satisfaction declined, job separation rate was high, and the organization lacked a sense of cooperation.

-Evaluation criteria and promotion criteria were ambiguous, interpretation of the criteria differed among evaluators and feeling of inequality was evident.

-KPI setting were unsuitable, the link between evaluation and result, along with target management were insufficient, and the merit system was lacking.

Result creation process



-Through the participation of on-site supervisor in the creation of evaluation topics, trust in the evaluation system increased. Evaluation topics were created to correspond to the different task skill for each team, and an evaluation and feedback system which is accepted by the employee was implemented.



-Through the evaluation of ordinary management and basic task process, not a result-oriented evaluation of “sales” figures, but the true “merit system” was realized.

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