Creating sales systems and combining assessments & training into a program for lasting performance improvement.

Background / Objectives

-The client is Japanese branch of one of the top 5 medical device companies in the world.

-The company has never developed any top salespersons in-house. They always depended on hiring top salespersons from other companies.

-Based on the above, the objective of this project is to create training system to develop top salespersons through strengthening both sales skills and mindset.

Result creation process


[Financial Performance]

-The level of customer relationship, which is the leading indicator of sales, has been improved by 88% of project participants.


[Human resources development]

-All participants’ sales skill scores are significantly increased.


[Better system in organization]

-Customer management and sales planning systems are created in order to visualize sales target and how to reach the goal.

-Knowledge sharing system is created with the further company-wide implementation plan.

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