Sales system construction project for a drug manufacturer

Sales system construction project for a drug manufacturer

Industry: Manufacturer



  • In the MR sales of hospital, a shift from “amount of activity”-oriented sales structure which is based on sense, experience, and willpower towards a sales structure which improves the “sales quality” became a pending issue.
  • Sales knowhows from excellent MR were not shared, and knowhows were not acccumulated as an organization, resulting in low sales productivity.
  • The needs of hospitals and patients change easily, and sales activities conforming to those changes became necessary.
  • Based on above, a middle to long-term plan for hiring/human resource education/personnel placement became necessary.

Result creation process


  • Establishment and spreading of the winning pattern of sales activity.
  • The 3-year roadmap for organization growth is completed(organization, product, sales strategy).
  • Activity indicators and the most suitable MR placement for each target department are achieved through the accumulation of activity indicator data of the drug manufacturing industry.


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