Increase sales productivity (Manufacturing)

Increase sales productivity (Manufacturing)

Industry: Manufacturer

Topic: Sales and Marketing

Background / Objectives

  • Sales department of a large electrical appliance manufacturer in Korea.
  • Systems such as CRM or SFA have been introduced previously, however, the salespeople’s understanding and motivation has not been improved, and the systems have not been functioning.
  • Returning to the starting point by focusing on strengthening executive ability in order to reinvigorate the workplace through analog management, instead of system management.
  • Salespeople of the manufacturer and agent’s salespeople work together as one for the improvement.

Result creation process



  • Agents’ sales increased by 18 percent on average.
  • The maximum increased in agents’ sales is 69 percent.    



  • A management system which balances the buyer’s psychology and sales step through Open Board was constructed.
  • Continuous management was realized through visualization through Open Board Sales manuals of both the agent’s salespeople and the manufacturer’s person in charge were created. 


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